Frequently Asked Questions

1.1      What is LogicaWorks?

LogicaWorks provides a free online platform for those who would like to create a WordPress demo website, together with administrator access. We don’t restrict back-end access so users are able to install and test any plugin they wish.

We provide a wide range of premium WordPress themes under the GPL license with very low prices per download. Our aim is to reduce the start-up cost for developers so that they don’t need to purchase expensive or unsuitable themes for testing. We also help theme authors to sell more when we allow users to test their themes, potentially encouraging them to buy licenses in order to get support and live updates from the author. We include a sales page link to the author’s page.

We provide theme installation services at very affordable prices. We have years of experience developing websites in WordPress and WooCommerce. We know user requirements and expectations and are dedicated to delivering high quality service to all our customers.

1.2      What is GPL?

GPL stands for GNU General Public License and denotes a family of licenses which are united by the idea of open source. It has existed for more than three decades and is today one of the most popular forms of licensing for all kinds of software, most notably – the Linux operating system. GPL is a type of copyleft license, which means that any work derived from the initial product can be freely distributed, but only under the same license terms (i.e. GPL). The themes can be redistributed and/or resold by us under the GPL license.

1.3      All themes are sold at a very low price, what is the difference compared to developers’ themes?

All listed themes are directly distributed from the author’s site. They are released under GPL, where the license allows us to freely distribute. All themes are 100% original and without modification, however, they don’t include a license key. Without a license key, the theme still functions as normal but automatic updates and support from theme authors are not available.

1.4      What is your support to the products?

We don’t provide support for the products; i.e. theme installation, modification, and configuration. However, we do provide a theme installation service where minimal charges apply. Please visit the theme installation service page if you’d like us to install WordPress and a theme for you. If you still need technical support for a specified theme, we suggest purchasing a license from the author. If you have any questions regarding support issues, please use the contact us form.

2.1      Can my download expire?

Users can download purchased files from the user downloads section anytime without a time limit. However, each download link has an expiry time of 48 hours after it is generated. If you can’t download the file from the purchase receipt, you can get the download link from your downloads section. You are advised to download immediately once you receive a download link after payment is made. We may retire older versions of theme files from time to time. If you’re unable to download the file, please contact our support.

2.2      Is my download included in future updates?

Each purchase entitles you to a single release/version download. Users will have to purchase new releases. We have set the price to the lowest on the market and provide reward credits for each download. Users can use the credits to redeem additional downloads. We also provide a discounted credit pack here.

3.1      What is the available payment method for purchasing at LogicaWorks?

We included a PayPal payment gateway and cryptocurrency (Bitcoin/Altcoin) in our checkout page. You can safely send payment information via our website because we have implemented rigorous security measures in payment processing. The PayPal checkout is PCI compliant and our website is HTTPS enabled.

3.2      What is the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment method?

Bitcoin is the first decentralized (meaning it’s not controlled by any organization or government) digital currency that can be exchanged from peer to peer for goods and services.

We partnered with GoURL.io, a cryptocurrency payment platform, to enable Bitcoin as a form of payment on LogicaWorks.com.

All Bitcoin transactions are communicated in US Dollars (USD). The exchange rate is provided by GoURL.io at the time of purchase. If the payment is not completed within a timeframe, you may be provided with a new exchange rate.

We cannot and do not guarantee any particular conversion rate of Bitcoin and other digital currencies. We have no liability regarding any change in rates, nor will any such change in rates affect the transaction in progress. You are solely responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the information included when you initiate your conversion.

All digital currency transactions are final. Once you send digital funds to our account, the transaction can’t be reversed.

3.3      Will I be charged for a transaction fee that occurs from the Payment gateway provider?

You will not be charged. All such charges are borne by us.

3.4      Do credits expire?

No, credits do not expire as long as you have an active account with us.

3.5      Do you provide volume purchases and discounts?

We provide a discounted credit pack for those who need bulk downloads. We offer a 25% discount for all credit packs. You can purchase our credit packs here. Once you have purchased a credit pack, you can exchange credits for items (themes) on our website.

3.6      Can I make a refund?

We do offer refunds EXCEPT for cases such as the following:

  • The item can’t be installed due to a lack of technical knowledge or hardware/software requirements.
  • You request for a license activation.

4.1      The theme prompts me to enter a license key, what should I do?

We distribute these themes under GPL, we don’t include license keys with the distribution. You can safely ignore such messages as they don’t affect theme functionality. For most themes, when you leave the license field empty, the theme’s automatic update feature is disabled but the theme itself still works as intended. For some themes, some extra features may be disabled when the license key is not detected. In such cases, the buyer can either ignore the feature or buy a license from the author to get full features and support. We encourage users to buy a license from the author once they have decided to implement the desired theme for their projects because authors also deserve compensation for their hard work.

4.2      Is your theme download legal?

It is legal to use our themes because all themes are released under GNU General Public License.

4.3      Do themes have an expiry date? How long I can use them?

Themes do not have an expiry date, you can use a theme for an unlimited amount of time.

4.4      Can I install a theme on multiple websites?

Yes, you can use the same theme on multiple websites and domains. All themes listed on our website are GPL licensed and can be used with as many websites as you prefer.

5.1      What’s included in the theme installation service?

We provide WordPress Theme installation as a demo and will import and create the contents as a demo website (the demo website in LogicaWorks). Contents include company logo (clients provide), company profile (clients provide), contact us form, footers, and credits/copyrights. Sample data from the demo includes, but is not limited to: images, banners, and videos. We provide Free WordPress installation if clients don’t have it installed.

5.2      How long does it take to complete the installation?

We aim to complete installation within 8 hours. However, if a theme lacks certain import functions, it may take up to 48 hours within working days. Upon completing the installation, we will notify the client by email.

5.3      How do I get started?

Use this booking form to select your preferred time/date and fill in all the necessary information as indicated. Once the form is submitted, you will be redirected to the checkout page. Please proceed to make the payment and we will start on the job.

5.4      What if I’m not satisfied with this service?

Before you start the booking process and make payment, please take note of the demo content demonstrated in each of our theme demos. Demo content may exclude images or banners which are copyrighted by the author. In such cases, we will replace those images with other placeholder images.