Viva Themes

Viva Themes – Melograno v1.0

If you’re looking to create or renew your restaurant or bar website, you’ve come to the right place

Viva Themes – Telesis v1.3

Telesis is a one page WordPress theme for creative companies and individuals

Viva Themes – Ecolife v1.0.1

Ecolife is a responsive WordPress theme that can be used for non-profits, ngo’s and any kind of busi...

Viva Themes – O2 v2.1

O2 is a responsive WordPress theme that can be used for your personal, photography or company websit...

Viva Themes – Adagio v1.0

Adagio is a clean and easy to use WordPress theme created to showcase your work with style

Viva Themes – Kimbo v4.1

Kimbo is a responsive, clean and elegant theme

Viva Themes – Blanche v1.1

Blanche is a clean and professional WordPress theme that will make your website stand out from the c...

Viva Themes – Delirium v3.0

Delirium is an elegant WordPress theme with a clean design


Viva Themes – Stok v1.0

Stok is a responsive, minimalistic portfolio/business theme for WordPress

Viva Themes – Soho v2.3.1

Soho is a modern theme with a minimalist approach, designed for creative companies and individuals

Viva Themes – Lotus v1.0

Lotus is a modern, 100% responsive WordPress theme that will display great on all devices

Viva Themes – Republica v4.0

Republica is a clean and responsive theme with plenty of features

Viva Themes – Concept v1.1.4

Concept is a beautiful responsive theme with a minimalist approach

Viva Themes – Breeze v1.0

Breeze is an elegant theme packed with features and utilizes the Jetpack plugin to give even more po...

Viva Themes – Qwest v1.0

Qwest is a multipurpose WordPress theme with clean and responsive design

Viva Themes – Odeon v1.1

Odeon is a full screen, responsive WordPress theme, great for creative agencies, personal portfolios...

Viva Themes – Pulse v1.1

Pulse is a very clean and minimal theme that is great for your personal or business website


Viva Themes – Ladder v1.1

Ladder is a beautiful WordPress theme with 100% responsive design

Viva Themes – Sol v1.1

Sol is a creative agency theme with nice css3 animations and 100% responsive design that adapts well...

Viva Themes – Indigo v1.1

Indigo is a multi-purpose, 100% responsive WordPress theme that adapts well on all kind of devices

Viva Themes – Advent v1.0

Advent is a responsive business portfolio theme with a clean and professional look

Viva Themes – Alternate v2.0.1

Alternate is a minimal and responsive portfolio theme for creative types who want to showcase their ...

Viva Themes – Revival v4.0

Revival is a professional theme, great for small business websites

Viva Themes – Crescendo v1.0

Crescendo is a clean and minimalist theme for WordPress


Viva Themes – Collage v1.0

Collage is a great looking theme for photography/portfolio, personal or business websites

Viva Themes – Egesto v2.0

Egesto is a dark business theme which will enable you to easily and quickly build the professional l...

Viva Themes – L’ Image v3.0

L’Image theme will make it extremely easy for you to setup your professional photography website

Viva Themes – Styled v2.1.1

Styled is a great theme for those looking to build an attractive and engaging website that stands ou...


Viva Themes – Space Color v3.0

Space Color is a clean business theme that will help you create a website for your company or presen...

Viva Themes – Method v1.1

Method is a great looking business/portfolio theme with many different features